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Bài 9 - Trắc nghiệm tìm lỗi sai trong câu

Bài 9: Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh luyện kỹ năng phát hiện lỗi sai trong câu

Hãy chọn phương án bị lỗi trong các câu sau

Question 1. Everyone who comes to this city notice the beauty of its architecture.

Question 2. Tina has an habit of upsetting people unintentionally.

Question 3. I think you should be tolerant of other people’weaknesses.

Question 4. The meeting was be rearranged shortly before it had been due to take place.

Question 5. Every possible effort were made by the orphanage to find the boy’s parents.

Question 6. The Minister gave no precisely figures about the casualties.

Question 7. The new musicalhas been delightedtheatre audiences throughout the country.

Question 8. They’ve been arguing about the motor-way extension since years.

Question 9. I am afraid our problemare only just beginning.


Tác giả bài viết: Minh Phú

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