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Bài 1- trắc nghiệm động từ đuôi ING

Bài tập trắc nghiệm cách sử dụng động từ đuôi ING và to infinitive (bài tập 1)
Question 1. My father usually helps me_______ English.
Question 2. He was heard_______ shout.
Question 3. This student expected_______ the first winner of the Grand Prix.
Question 4. I told her_______ about her wedding; everything will straighten out.
Question 5. May I suggest you let_______
Question 6. She_______ him when he called her.
Question 7. The doctor advised_______ late.
Question 8. The school superintendent told me_______
Question 9. "_______us face the enemies", shouted the soldiers.
Question 10. Mr. Brown told the schoolgirls_______ in class.
Question 11. I have heard Dang Thai Son_______ the piano.
Question 12.  The young teachers wanted a Foreign Language Teaching workshop _______ in Ho Chi Minh City.
Question 13. _______able to take part in the international math contest two years from now, Son works very hard in his math lass.
Question 14. Try_______ so many mistakes.
Question 15. Let me_______ from you soon.
Question 16. John is too stupid_______ understand this.
Question 17. The wind is_______ to blow the roof off.
Question 18. My father is _______ to stay up late.
Question 19. John wanted me_______ him.
Question 20.  I want_______ early tomorrow morning.

Tác giả bài viết: Minh Phú

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