Measurement Convert Function in Excel

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This small lesson will help you with measurement convert. you can consider what measurement unit you usually use and its formula to get what you want.


=CONVERT (AmountToConvert,UnitToConvertF-rom,UnitToConvertTo)

AmountToConvert: Đại lượng cần chuyển đổi
UnitToConvertF-rom: Đơn vị đang có
UnitToConvertTo: Đơn vị cần chuyển đổi về

This small lesson will help you with measurement convert.
Especially when your company don’t have internet access right policy, you can consider, in your daily works, what measurement unit you usually use and remember the abbrevication of measurement systems and its formula to get what you want.

To Convert
    1 in cm 2.54  =CONVERT (C4,D4,E4)
    1 ft m 0.3048  =CONVERT (C5,D5,E5)
    1 yd m 0.9144  =CONVERT (C6,D6,E6)
    1 yr day 365.25  =CONVERT (C8,D8,E8)
    1 day hr 24  =CONVERT (C9,D9,E9)
    1.5 hr mn 90 =CONVERT (C10,D10,E10)
    0.5 mn sec 30 =CONVERT (C11,D11,E11)
  What Does It Do ?          
  This function converts a value measure in one type of unit, to the same value expressed
  in a different type of unit, such as Inches to Centimetres.
  =CONVERT (AmountToConvert,UnitToConvertF-rom,UnitToConvertTo)
  No special formatting is needed.
  The following table was used by an Import / Exporting company to convert the weight
  and size of packages f-rom old style UK measuring system to European system.
      Pounds Ounces Kilograms    
    Weight 5 3 2.35301    
       =CONVERT (D28,"lbm","kg")+CONVERT (E28,"ozm","kg")
      Feet Inches Metres    
    Height 12 6 3.81    
    Length 8 3 2.5146    
    Width 5 2 1.5748    
       =CONVERT (D34,"ft","m")+CONVERT (E34,"in","m")
  This is a list of all the possible abbreviations which can be used to denote measuring systems.
  Weight & Mass   Distance    
  Gram g   Meter m    
  Kilogram kg   Statute mile mi    
  Slug sg   Nautical mile Nmi    
  Pound mass lbm   Inch in    
  U (atomic mass) u   Foot ft    
  Ounce mass ozm   Yard yd    
        Angstrom ang    
  Time   Pica (1/72 in.) Pica    
  Year yr          
  Day day   Pressure    
  Hour hr   Pascal Pa    
  Minute mn   Atmosphere atm    
  Second sec   mm of Mercury mmHg    
  Temperature   Liquid    
  Degree Celsius C   Teaspoon tsp    
  Degree Fahrenheit F   Tablespoon tbs    
  Degree Kelvin K   Fluid ounce oz    
        Cup cup    
  Force   Pint pt    
  Newton N   Quart qt    
  Dyne dyn   Gallon gal    
  Pound force lbf   Liter l    
  Energy   Power    
  Joule J   Horsepower HP    
  Erg e   Watt W    
  IT calorie cal   Magnetism    
  Electron volt eV   Tesla T    
  Horsepower-hour HPh   Gauss ga    
  Watt-hour Wh          
  Foot-pound flb          
  BTU BTU          
  These c-haracters can be used as a prefix  to access further units of measure.
  Using "c" as a prefix to meters "m" will allow centimetres "cm" to be calculated.
  Prefix Multiplier Abbreviation   Prefix Multiplier Abbreviation
  exa 1.00E+18 E   deci 1.00E-01 d
  peta 1.00E+15 P   centi 1.00E-02 c
  tera 1.00E+12 T   milli 1.00E-03 m
  giga 1.00E+09 G   micro 1.00E-06 u
  mega 1.00E+06 M   nano 1.00E-09 n
  kilo 1.00E+03 k   pico 1.00E-12 p
  hecto 1.00E+02 h   femto 1.00E-15 f
  dekao 1.00E+01 e   atto 1.00E-18 a

Hope you enjoys


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