Speak English Like An American- Lesson 2

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Lesson 2: Bob got canned at work

Lesson 2: Bob got canned at work
Have you ever got fired? And how have you felt about being fired? And especially how people, or friends around you help you to overcome such bad feelings.

Have you ever got fired? And how have you felt about being fired? And especially how people, or friends around you help you to overcome such bad feelings.
Below is video accompanied with written text guiding you how native speakers of English interact in the conversation and we also learn some useful English Idioms

1. (to) change one’s mind to change one’s opinion or decision

Example 1: Brandon wasn;t going to take a vacation this year, but then he changed his mind and went to Bora  Bora for two weeks.
Example 2: Why aren’t you applying to medical school this year? Did you change your mind about becoming a doctor?

2. Easier said than done more difficult than you think.
Example 1: you want to climb Mount Everest? Easier said than done!
Example 2: Moving into a  new home is easier said than done!

3. (to) get canned [slang] – to lose one’s job; to get fired or to be fired
Example 1: After Chris got canned, it took him a year to find a new job.
Example 2: Lisa is a lousy secrectary. She deserves to get canned!

4. (to) hang in there to preserve; to not give up
Example 1: I know you’re four games behind, but you can still win the tennis match. Just hang in there!
Example 2: Hang in there, Don! You invention will soon be a success.

5. If worse comes to worst in the worst case; if absolutely necessary.
Example 1: Ted’s car isn’t running well. If worse comes to worst, he can take the bus to school.
Example 2: I know you’re running out of money. If worse comes to worst, you can always sell some of your jewelry.

6. (to) keep you chin up to stay positive
Example 1: Even when he was unemployed and homeless, bill managed to keep his chin up.
Example 2: keep your chin up! You’ll find your lost dog soon.

7. Last resort if there are no other al-ternatives left; the last solution for getting out of difficulty.
Example 1: David was locked out of his house. He know that as a last resort, he could always break a window.
Example 2: I don’t like taking medicine. I’ll only take it as a last resort.

8. (to) live f-rom hand to mouth – to barely have enough money to survive
Example 1: Jenny was earning $5 an hours working at the store. She was really living f-rom hand to mouth.
Example 2: George is really poor. He lives f-rom hand to mouth.

9. (to) look on the bright side – to be optimistic; to think about the positive part or aspect of a situation.
Example 1: Leo was upset that his soccer game was canceled. His mother said, “look on the bright side, now you can stay home and watch TV.”
Example 2: You lost your job? Look on the bright side, now you’ll have mor free time!

10. (to) make ends meet – to manage one’s money so as to have enough to live on; to be okay financially.
Example 1: Kimberly wasn’t able to make ends meet so she has to ask her parents to pay her rent.
Example 2: if you can’t make ends meet, you’ll need to start spending less.
(to) make up one’s mind  - see Lesson 1

11. (to be) Out of work – umemployed; not working
Example 1: Gary was out of work for a year before finding a new job.
Example 2: Bob is out of work. Do you know anybody who might want to hire him?

12. Right-hand man – the most helpful assistant or employee
Example 1: Juan’s right-hand man helps him make all of his decisions.
Example 2: When Jack Thompson retired as president of his company, his right-hand man took over.

13. (to) set eyes on to look at; to see for the first time.
Example 1: Ted was in love f-rom the moment he set eyes on Amber.
Example 2: Susan know f-rom the moment she set eyes on Ted’s friend Lucas that he would be trouble.

14. (to) stab someone in the back to betray someone
Example 1: Jill and Heather were friends, until Heather stabbed Jill in the back by stealling her boyfriend.
Example 2: You’re firing me after all I’ve done dor this company? You’re really stabbing me in the back.

15. (to be ) stressed outunser severe strain; very anxious.
Example 1: Al is so stressed out about this job that he can’t sleep at night.
Example 2: You’ve been so stressed out lately. You really need to take a long vacation!.

16. Thank goodness I’m gratefull; I’m relieved
Example 1: Whne Ted come home at 4 a.m. last Sunday, his mother said, “Thanks goodness you’re home! I was so worried about you”
Example 2: Thank goodness you didn’t do to California on Monday. It rained there everyday this week.

17. (to) think big – to set hight goals
Example 1: Why run for Governor of New York? Think big: run for President of the United States!
Example 2: Ken and Sandra hope to sell their house for $3 millon dollars. They always think big.

18. What’s the matter? Whaat’s the problem?
Example 1: What’s the matter, Bob? You don’t look very happy.
Exmple 2: Osca looks very pale. What’s the matter with him?

19. When pigs fly! [slang] never; things that never happens
Example 1: Will Ted teach Nicole how to play the guitar? When pigs fly!
Example 2: Sure, I’ll give ou my new laptop. When pigs fly!
Synonyms: When hell freezes over; never in a million years.

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