Bài tập would rather và would sooner

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Làm bài tập để thành thạo cách dùng của would rather và would sooner

Làm bài tập để thành thạo cách dùng của would rather và would sooner

Bài tập 1: Hoàn thành câu với động từ trong ngoặc

A: Would you rather ………..a course in literature or science? (take)
B: I’d sooner …………for a science course because it’s more useful for me. (register)
A: Would you rather ………….English in Australia or Canada? (learn)
B: I think I’d rather …………..in Australia because it’s warmer there. (study)
A: If you needed to learn a new job skill, would you prefer ……….a class or ……….a private tutor? (attend / have)
B: I’d rather ………..for a class than ………..a tutor. Private tutors are too expensive! (sign up / hire)
A: Would you rather ………..a choir or an orchestra? (join)
B: I’d prefer ………..in a choir to …………in an orchestra. (sing / play)
A: Would prefer ………….a craft or ………..a new sport? (learn / attempt)
B: To tell you the truth, I’d rather not ……..either. I’d prefer ………TV. (do / watch)

Bài tập 2: Chia động từ trong ngoặc cho thích hợp

1. I’d rather you ______(not/drive) so fast, Pat
2. Sue went to France this year, but she says she would sooner ______ (go) to Spain.
3. It’s a shame you missed the party; I would rather you ______ (be) there.
4. John had better ______(not/speak) to me like that again.
5. He says he’d rather ______ (cook) his own food than eat in restaurants.
6. I’d rather you ______ (not/mention) this to anyone until next week.
7. Tim’s mother would rather he ______ (work) closer to home than he does.
8. Greg says he would rather ______( not/leave) things as they are.
9. She would prefer to meet you personally rather than ______ (talk) to you over the phone.
10. Sean prefers playing football to ______ (watch) it.
11. Would you rather ______ (write) in ink or in pencil?
12. Sheila prefers ______ (get up) early in the morning rather than ______ (oversleep)
13. Would he prefer ______ (drive) to work tomorrow rather than cycle?
14. I would rather ______(speak) directly to the manager than ______(deal) with his rude secretary as I did.
15. My father prefers to have a beard rather than ______(have) a shave every day.
16. Tom prefers ______ (ski) to ______(skate).
17. Wouldn’t you prefer to sit on this seat rather than ______(stand) for the whole journey?
18. We’d better ______ (take) some money for a taxy in case we ______(miss) the bus home.

Tác giả: Minh Phú

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