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Câu 1/40 In certain industries the workers' apparel is not only cumbersome but also quite heavy.
Câu 2/40 Receptors for the sense of smell located at the top of the nasal cavity. 
Câu 3/40 Her brusque manner surprised all of the guests.
Câu 4/40 As a result of the accident, the police revoked his driver's license. 
Câu 5/40 In order to assure that no infection will occur, a surgeon must wash his hands and arms with an antiseptic soap prior to operating.
Câu 6/40 The chief executive was speaking conservatively  when he said that their profit this year would be over a billion. 
Câu 7/40 Though it can sense the slightest touch anywhere on the body, the brain itself is insensitive to pain. 
Câu 8/40 The inquiry concerning the accident was handled by the chief of police.
Câu 9/40 Members of the intrigue met in secret so that their conspiracy would not be discovered. 
Câu 10/40 John F. Kennedy was born into a well-to-do Massachusetts family in 1917. 
Câu 11/40 The tetracyclines are a family of antibiotics used to infection.
Câu 12/40 The Royal Museum contains a facsimile of the king's famous declaration. 
Câu 13/40 Summer weather of ninety degrees or more has been reported off and on in Fort Yokon, Alaska. 
Câu 14/40 Mammals have highly developed ears, consisting of varying lengths and numbers of turns in the cochlea. 
Câu 15/40 The cacao tree, from whose seeds chocolate is made, flourishes in hot and humid climates. 
Câu 16/40 The mission at San Juan Capistrano was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1812.
Câu 17/40 The atmosphere in the police chief's office was electric with contention
Câu 18/40 From an airplane, the grasslands of the western praire appear almost as uniform as a placid sea.
Câu 19/40 Several theories of evolution had historically preceded that of Charles Darwin, although he expounded upon the stages of development. 
Câu 20/40 They couldn't believe their eyes looking at the contortionist.
Câu 21/40 Many Pennsylvania Dutch barns are decorated with hex signs. 
Câu 22/40 One of the most common uses of boric acid is as an antiseptic.
Câu 23/40 During the war, many foreign lands were confiscated by the government.
Câu 24/40 For your safety and the safety of others, always pay attention to traffic signals. 
Câu 25/40 After the bottom fell out of the market, he was virtually bankrupt.
Câu 26/40 Arson is suspected in a fire that razed the Grand Hotel. 
Câu 27/40 Having a fair attitude towards people with different ideas is an indication that one has been well educated.
Câu 28/40 The National Institute of Mental Health is conducting far-reaching research to determine the psychological effects of using drugs. 
Câu 29/40 The candidates seemed more interested in slandering each other than in talking about the issues. 
Câu 30/40 Working overtime every night is much too strenuous for a sixty-year-old man. 
Câu 31/40 In some cases of lapse of memory the loss may be limited to a single incident, whereas in other cases it may be so inclusive as to involve everything about an individual's life. 
Câu 32/40 The meat must be chopped before it can be used in that recipe.
Câu 33/40 Hemophilia is a hereditary illness in which the blood does not coagulate in the usual way.
Câu 34/40 A monument was erected in memory of those who died in the disaster at Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 
Câu 35/40 The barometer is used by weather forecasters to detect changes in air pressure.
Câu 36/40 If you work for the UN, it will help if you are multilingual
Câu 37/40 Because ion pumps contain no pumping fluid, they add far less contamination to a vacuum than the best diffusion pumps.
Câu 38/40 If the teams were not so evenly matched, it would be easier to foretell the outcome of the Superbowl.
Câu 39/40 "Uncle Tom's Cabin" has been frequently translated and often dramatized, most recently as a curiously sentimental melodrama.
Câu 40/40 After eating an excessive amount at the dinner, he became ill. 
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