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Câu 1/40 The shop steward, the first-level officer in a labor union, is elected by its members. 
Câu 2/40 The successful use of antitoxins and serums has virtually eradicated the threat of malaria, yellow fever, and other insect-borne diseases. 
Câu 3/40 In some cases of lapse of memory the loss may be limited to a single incident, whereas in other cases it may be so inclusive as to involve everything about an individual's life.
Câu 4/40 We were caught in a deluge while returning from our vacation. 
Câu 5/40 A female mosquito produces between 100 and 300 eggs at a time and up to 3,000 eggs during her lifetime.
Câu 6/40 The doctor noticed how lethargic his patient was and immediately prescribed a different drug. 
Câu 7/40 A metal object such as a nail becomes a temporary magnet when it is within the range of a permanent magnet.
Câu 8/40 It is difficult to discern the sample that is on the slide unless the microscope is adjusted. 
Câu 9/40 Sally was mortified by her date's unprecedented behavior. 
Câu 10/40 No one knows exactly how many Pacific islands there are, but geographers estimate that there are up to 30,000.
Câu 11/40 The perpetual motion of the earth as it turns on its axis creates the change of seasons. 
Câu 12/40 The earliest canoes were made from hollowed tree trunks.
Câu 13/40 When he won the first prize he realised that this was the highest attainment of his life.
Câu 14/40 Because of our unusual techniques John decided to disassociate himself from our program.
Câu 15/40 Thomas Edison's office was always disorganized with books and papers.
Câu 16/40 Although buses are scheduled to depart at a certain hour, they are often late. 
Câu 17/40 Cowrie shells were once in widespread use as a token of value. 
Câu 18/40 The plainer a bower bird's plumage, the more brightly it decorates its nest to attract a mate. 
Câu 19/40 Jan took many snapshots while on vacation in Europe.
Câu 20/40 In order to be issued a passport, one must either present legal documents or call a witness to give evidence concerning one's identity.
Câu 21/40 The Supreme Court has a reputation for being just.
Câu 22/40 While in Europe on vacation, the twins roamed the countryside on their bikes.
Câu 23/40 A nurse practitioner has training in a specialized area of medicine.
Câu 24/40 Third World countries have had enough of the industrialised nations' exploitation of their natural resources. 
Câu 25/40 The rigor exhibited by the general was totally unwarranted.
Câu 26/40 Sara Mayo Hospital in New Orleans was so named in recognition of Dr. Mayo's outstanding humanitarianism.
Câu 27/40 Andy's jocular manner made him loved by all his companions. 
Câu 28/40 Astronomy provides the knowledge necessary for correct timekeeping, navigation, surveying and mapmaking.
Câu 29/40 The production of hot glass necessitates a fusion of art and technology
Câu 30/40 The candidates seemed more interested in slandering each other than in talking about the issues. 
Câu 31/40 Among other duties, the Federal Communications Commission is charged with the licensing of radio and television stations. 
Câu 32/40 If you don't get the gist of this article ask the teacher in the morning.
Câu 33/40 Most competitions are not open to both professionals and nonprofessionals.
Câu 34/40 After leaving a particularly raucous concert, some rock music fans complain about ringing in their ears known as tinnitus.
Câu 35/40 Double agents live in a perpetual state of fear. 
Câu 36/40 A chameleon is a kind of lizard known for its ability to change color
Câu 37/40 The labor movement in the United States seeks to achieve economic reform within the existing free enterprise system. 
Câu 38/40 Seasonal variations in tides are due mainly to the gravitational pull of the moon. 
Câu 39/40 Approximately half of American high school graduates enroll in institutions of higher learning. 
Câu 40/40 They have pulled down the long arcade where we used to stroll and take a cup of coffee.
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