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Câu 1/40 Cashiers must generally account for discrepancies between money taken in and the amount recorded on register tapes.
Câu 2/40 A number of animals in Aesop's fables are portrayed as being crafty.
Câu 3/40 The campers heard a strange rustling in the trees. 
Câu 4/40 The mission at San Juan Capistrano was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1812.
Câu 5/40 Although buses are scheduled to depart at a certain hour, they are often late. 
Câu 6/40 A chance sample can often provide information about a larger population.
Câu 7/40 Due to the efforts of conservationists and environmentalists, few people are unaware of the problems of endangered species. 
Câu 8/40 The eight survivor subsisted for four days and nights on sea biscuits and mere gulps of water. 
Câu 9/40 It is very discourteous to intrude during someone's conversation.
Câu 10/40 Psychologists have recently mounted an offensive against what they describe as nastiness toward students by educators.
Câu 11/40 If you feel drowsy you should take a break from work and definitely not drive.
Câu 12/40 The 1961 missile crisis brought the world to the verge of all-out war .
Câu 13/40 A computer will always follow the same sequence when solving a problem, no matter how complicated that problem may be. 
Câu 14/40 A raccoon is distinctively marked with a mask of black hair around its eyes. 
Câu 15/40 Feeling irritable may be a side effect of too much medication. 
Câu 16/40 Sometimes, while living in a foreign country, one craves a special dish from home. 
Câu 17/40 Arson is suspected in a fire that razed the Grand Hotel. 
Câu 18/40 He decided to subscribe to the magazine although it only came out biannually
Câu 19/40 After the death of the famous artist, his widow donated all his watercolors to the local museum.
Câu 20/40 In that organization, they place emphasis on mutual aid and cooperation. 
Câu 21/40 The student's application was turned down because it was incorrectly filled out.
Câu 22/40 The cacao tree, from whose seeds chocolate is made, flourishes in hot and humid climates. 
Câu 23/40 Caves are often formed by selective wearing away of cliffs by the sea.
Câu 24/40 There are many potential dangers ahead of the inexperienced scuba diver.
Câu 25/40 The remarks made by the television anchorman were not only inappropriate but also offensive.
Câu 26/40 By 1900, many municipalities had begun to restrict the use of automobiles in order to ensure pedestrian safety. 
Câu 27/40 Modern techniques have made dentures virtually unnoticeable.
Câu 28/40 Summer weather of ninety degrees or more has been reported off and on in Fort Yokon, Alaska. 
Câu 29/40 The ostrich egg is the largest egg of any non-extinct bird, while the smallest egg is the egg of the hummingbird. 
Câu 30/40 United States presidents often greet foreign dignitaries on the White House lawn.
Câu 31/40 The inland Caspian Sea is saline.
Câu 32/40 The daring rescue of those stranded on the mountaintop was truly a creditable deed. 
Câu 33/40 Americans have been criticized for placing too much emphasis on being on time.
Câu 34/40 Recent research into aging suggests that the body's defense mechanisms may lose the ability to distinguish what is alien.
Câu 35/40 The doctor asked the patient to disrobe before the examination.
Câu 36/40 The National Institute of Mental Health is conducting far-reaching research to determine the psychological effects of using drugs. 
Câu 37/40 A compound break is more serious than a simple one because there is more opportunity for loss of blood and infection.
Câu 38/40 A vacant apartment in New York City is very difficult to find.
Câu 39/40 The thieves were trying to perpetrate a robbery in the office building. 
Câu 40/40 A credit union can distribute earnings to its members as dividends.
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