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Câu 1/40 All the students at our school are looking forward to the summer vacation.
Câu 2/40 Because light travels faster than sound, lightning appears to go before thunder.
Câu 3/40 ecause the details of the project were rather hazy, we decided to reject the proposal. 
Câu 4/40 The bus driver left the door slightly open so that returning passengers could reboard after the rest stop. 
Câu 5/40 The current edition of that magazine discusses the ancient civilizations of Latin America. 
Câu 6/40 The rigor exhibited by the general was totally unwarranted.
Câu 7/40 Our library's bibliography is the clearest I have ever seen. 
Câu 8/40 We were told to intermingle with the guests. 
Câu 9/40 After twenty-two straight days of rain, the Illinois governor called out the National Guard to deal with the disaster. 
Câu 10/40 People who live in the country enjoy a rustic life style.
Câu 11/40 A computer will always follow the same sequence when solving a problem, no matter how complicated that problem may be. 
Câu 12/40 Because of advances in technology in recent years, Americans are enjoying more free time. 
Câu 13/40 John's unabashed behavior caused great concern among his teachers.
Câu 14/40 The Constitution guarantees that private homes will not be searched without a warrant .
Câu 15/40 Dotting the marshy expanse of the Florida Everglades are little islands known locally as hammocks.
Câu 16/40 That area of the country is laced with large and often dangerous rivers. 
Câu 17/40 The speed of light is used to measure the vast spaces between stars and planets. 
Câu 18/40 In the play 'The Devil and Daniel Webster', the retorts attributed to Webster may be more fiction than history. 
Câu 19/40 The perpetual motion of the earth as it turns on its axis creates the change of seasons. 
Câu 20/40 Home buyers are proceeding cautiously because of the high interest rates.
Câu 21/40 More maple syrup is produced in the Canadian province of Quebec than is produced in the entire United States.
Câu 22/40 Jim's decided to buy a phonograph even though they are now redundant .
Câu 23/40 General acceptance of 3-D films may prove hard to come by, as the experience of three decades ago indicated. 
Câu 24/40 Perhaps the customer has overlooked his monthly statement and not paid the bill.
Câu 25/40 In retrospect the 1980s weren't such a bad decade. 
Câu 26/40 If you feel drowsy you should take a break from work and definitely not drive.
Câu 27/40 Approximately one-fifth of the earth's surface is composed of desert.
Câu 28/40 Marvin's doctor said he was obese and had to take immediate measures to correct the problem.
Câu 29/40 From the first, President Reagan's avowed intention was to change the course of the American economy. 
Câu 30/40 The labor movement in the United States seeks to achieve economic reform within the existing free enterprise system. 
Câu 31/40 Because of our unusual techniques John decided to disassociate himself from our program.
Câu 32/40 Mr. Black did not affirm his opinions in a positive manner. 
Câu 33/40 The salon was the most elegant room Madeline had ever seen, despite its austerity
Câu 34/40 The principal congratulated the student on his outstanding display of leadership. 
Câu 35/40 The library has announced that henceforth, fines on overdue books will be 25 cents per day. 
Câu 36/40 Psychologists encourage their patients not to get upset about trivial matters. 
Câu 37/40 The founder of the American Red Cross was Clara Barton.
Câu 38/40 The professor's introductory remarks concerned the development of the laser beam.
Câu 39/40 If you work for the UN, it will help if you are multilingual
Câu 40/40 The students' records were not readily accessible for their perusal. 
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