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Câu 1/40 The student's wan appearance caused the teacher to send him home. 
Câu 2/40 Alexander Hamilton remained adamantly opposed to the policies of John Adams throughout the latter's presidency. 
Câu 3/40 The fer-de-lance, a kind of viper, is one of the most poisonous snakes.
Câu 4/40 The memorandum sent to all departments stressed how urgent the action was.
Câu 5/40 A balance of international payment refers to the net result of the business which a nation carries on with other nations in a given period. 
Câu 6/40 Halley's Comet traveled past the Pleiades, a star cluster also known as the Seven Sisters.
Câu 7/40 When baseball players became impatient with their contracts, then went on strike, causing most of the 1981 season to be lost. 
Câu 8/40 Frank Borman was the commander of the Apollo 8 space flight when it circled the moon in 1968. 
Câu 9/40 John was not promoted because his work did not meet the manager's expectations .
Câu 10/40 It is not possible for people to remember everything that they have thought, felt, or done.
Câu 11/40 There are hundreds of species of eels, some living in fresh water but most living in oceanic waters. 
Câu 12/40 Ron O'Neal received widespread acclaim for his acting in productions of Dream on Monkey Moutain. 
Câu 13/40 That area of the country is laced with large and often dangerous rivers. 
Câu 14/40 A series of calamities can severely affect underwriters' earnings.
Câu 15/40 The daring young man rode through the Indian village trying to find his long-lost sister.
Câu 16/40 Crop irrigation has long played a role in agricultural practices
Câu 17/40 The speaker was asked to condense his presentation in order to allow his audience to ask questions.
Câu 18/40 Since none of the polls had predicted the winner, everyone was surprised by the results of the election. 
Câu 19/40 The student's seminar presentation was both lucid and interesting. 
Câu 20/40 They have been vacationing in the country recently.
Câu 21/40 A series of columns supporting a large porch is typical of the architecture of pre-Civil War mansions in the South.
Câu 22/40 The department chairman refuse to authorize the requisition.
Câu 23/40 Maikl found it difficult to cope with the loss of her job. 
Câu 24/40 Historical records reveal that Jefferson reiterated his ideas about a meritocracy. 
Câu 25/40 When calcium carbonate crystallizes from a solution, limestone is formed.
Câu 26/40 A legal combination of United States Airways, Inc., and the Intercontinental Airlines Company was approved at a joint board of directors meeting.
Câu 27/40 Ethnocentrism prevents us from putting up with all of the customs we encounter in another culture. 
Câu 28/40 The use of Navajo code-talkers resolved a situation of the utmost gravity in World War II.
Câu 29/40 He was mystified by the look on the stranger's face.
Câu 30/40 Caves are often formed by selective wearing away of cliffs by the sea.
Câu 31/40 Cases of chronic diabetes were almost unheard-of in the 1920's.
Câu 32/40 Canada and the United States are cooperating to clean up the dirty lakes along their borders.
Câu 33/40 No one knows exactly how many Pacific islands there are, but geographers estimate that there are up to 30,000.
Câu 34/40 A female mosquito produces between 100 and 300 eggs at a time and up to 3,000 eggs during her lifetime. 
Câu 35/40 The word "antonym" was coined in 1857. 
Câu 36/40 The cheetah is considered the fastest of all land animal. 
Câu 37/40 The test site region encompassed a ten-square-mile area. 
Câu 38/40 His hat was knocked askew by the wind.
Câu 39/40 A middle-aged woman of tremendous girth sat down beside the other patients in the waiting room.
Câu 40/40 Defined most broadly, folklore includes all the customs, beliefs, and traditions that people have handed down from the generation to generation.
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