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Câu 1/40 Prospects for an upturn in the economy remain bleak
Câu 2/40 The chickadee is noted for its tameness and quickness.
Câu 3/40 It will be necessary for the doctor to widen the pupils of your eyes with some drops in order to examine them.
Câu 4/40 Pain signals, in the form of electrical impulses , are carried to the brain by the nerves.
Câu 5/40 Viewers often find the paintings of the photo-Realist school somewhat disconcerting.
Câu 6/40 I always thought ornithology was for older people not for teenagers.
Câu 7/40 The Baltimore oriole has wings with white bars and a bright orange breast.
Câu 8/40 While in Europe on vacation, the twins roamed the countryside on their bikes.
Câu 9/40 Translating literally from one language to another works unsatisfactorily at best. 
Câu 10/40 Sometimes items are put on sale because they have imperfections on them.
Câu 11/40 A raccoon is distinctively marked with a mask of black hair around its eyes. 
Câu 12/40 In a hot air balloon, the altitude is determined by the amount of fuel fed to the burner.
Câu 13/40 His final remarks had a tremendous impact on the audience.
Câu 14/40 Dali's paintings can inspire a pensive mood.
Câu 15/40 Her only chance to elude her pursuer was to mingle with the crowd. 
Câu 16/40 Having a fair attitude towards people with different ideas is an indication that one has been well educated.
Câu 17/40 The discontented students retaliated by boycotting the school cafeteria. 
Câu 18/40 A careful typist, my secretary is very conscientious about correcting even the smallest error.
Câu 19/40 When snow collects on top of a building during the winter, the weight sometimes weakens the construction, and occasionally causes the roof to collapse.
Câu 20/40 The Morrill Act of 1862 authorized the states to use federal lands for the establishment of colleges that would offer programs in agriculture and the mechanical arts. 
Câu 21/40 Since you don't know them very well, it would be suitable for you to send a card instead of a gift.
Câu 22/40 We were told to intermingle with the guests. 
Câu 23/40 Killing frosts occur when moisture within plant cells freezes. 
Câu 24/40 With the final examinations coming very soon his apprehension was rising to almost unbearable limits. 
Câu 25/40 The passengers on the boat were mesmerized by the motion of the sea.
Câu 26/40 After a long, hard struggle, we gradually succeeded in having people accept the truth of our theory. 
Câu 27/40 The plane took off and after a few seconds was barely visible
Câu 28/40 The current nickel, with a profile of Thomas Jefferson on the front and a picture of Monticello on the back, has been minted since 1938. 
Câu 29/40 The Lewis and Clark expedition left St. Louis in 1804 and traveled 7,700 miles enroute to the Pacific Coast. 
Câu 30/40 The television station was inundated with calls protesting the distasteful program. 
Câu 31/40 Contractors hire surveyors to mark the limits of the property before they begin construction.
Câu 32/40 The flower is the most attractive, most colorful, and most fragrant part of many plants.
Câu 33/40 If the teams were not so evenly matched, it would be easier to foretell the outcome of the Superbowl. 
Câu 34/40 Of the approximately 400 billion packages used yearly in the United States, half are for food and drink. 
Câu 35/40 aint Elmo's Fire is a phenomenon that occurs when ships discharging harmless electrical charges into the atmosphere appear to shine.
Câu 36/40 He was kept in apprehension all night.
Câu 37/40 he macadamia tree, originally an Australian evergreen, was brought to Hawaii in the 1800's, and today its nuts are an important Hawaiian crop.
Câu 38/40 Because Dolly is such a good cook, she has concocted a great new recipe. 
Câu 39/40 If you don't get the gist of this article ask the teacher in the morning.
Câu 40/40 The audience applauded enthusiastically after the performance at the Grand Old Opera. 
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