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Câu 1/40 If one is suffering from a psychosomatic illness, that is, a disease contributed to by mental anxiety, one may still feel very ________ .
Câu 2/40 Cupid, one of the ancient Roman gods, ________. 
Câu 3/40 The gila monster is ________ poisonous lizards found in North America. 
Câu 4/40 The TOEFL examination ________ by the year 2000. 
Câu 5/40 George ________ he could improve his test scores, but he did not have enough time to study. 
Câu 6/40 North Carolina is well known not only for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park ________ for the Cherokee Indian settlements. 
Câu 7/40 ________ planet from the sun, Mars, has a year of 687 days. 
Câu 8/40 Goddard developed the first rocket to fly faster ________.
Câu 9/40 Many books ________, but one of the best is "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. 
Câu 10/40 Trapeze artists usually rely on safety nets ________ through the air.
Câu 11/40 Pre-school students, ________, may be given preferential treatment over other more normal children. 
Câu 12/40 The president usually ________ unless his press secretary approves it. 
Câu 13/40 The city council is empowered not only to enact new laws, ________ select a new mayor between elections should the need arise. 
Câu 14/40 The Puritans, ________ percentage of the earliest settlers in Massachusetts, were a pious, self-disciplined people. 
Câu 15/40 ________ received law degrees as today. 
Câu 16/40 Jane changed her major from French to business ________
Câu 17/40 ________ the news from war zones is inevitably censored. 
Câu 18/40 _______ that new information to anyone else but the sergeant 
Câu 19/40 ________ earth might be experiencing a global warming trend which could have devastating climatic effects. 
Câu 20/40 Clones, ________ , are genetically homogeneous.
Câu 21/40 Children learn primarily by ________ the world around them. 
Câu 22/40 About 20 miles from Boston, ________ a little town named Concord that has a rich history. 
Câu 23/40 John said that no other car could go ________.
Câu 24/40 It was not until she had arrived home ________ remembered her appointment with the doctor. 
Câu 25/40 Vr.Duncan does not know________the lawn vower after they had finished using it.
Câu 26/40 Physical fitness exercises can cause injuries ________ the participants are not careful.
Câu 27/40 Some forms of mollusks are extremely useful as food, especially the bivalves ________ oysters, clams, and scallops. 
Câu 28/40 The observation deck at the World Trade Center ________ in New York. 
Câu 29/40 We had hoped ________ the game, but the other team played very well. 
Câu 30/40 The man gave ________ a diamond necklace. 
Câu 31/40 The painting ________ to the art museum last week.
Câu 32/40 Hydrogen peroxide ________ as a bleaching agent because it effectively whitens a variety of fibers and surfaces. 
Câu 33/40 A giant kind of grass, bamboo may reach a height of 120 feet and ________. 
Câu 34/40 Even if the unemployment rate ________ sharply, the drop may still be temporary.
Câu 35/40 ________ techniques have been developed in recent years to diagnose (genetic diseases in the developing fetus. 
Câu 36/40 In 1905 Juneau replaced Sitka ________ Alaska. 
Câu 37/40 Some of the rainwater from clouds evaporates before ________.
Câu 38/40 ________ two waves pass a given point simultaneously, they will have no effect on each other's subsequent motion.
Câu 39/40 Overexposure to the sun causes ________ health problems. 
Câu 40/40 Our flight from Amsterdam tlo London was delyed ________ the heavy fog. 
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