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Câu 1/40 ________ of Country-Western singers may be related to old English ballads.
Câu 2/40 Groups of tissues, each with its own function, ________ in the human body. 
Câu 3/40 The people at the party were worried about Janet because no one was aware ________ that she had gone. 
Câu 4/40 Scientists believe that the beaver's instinct to build dams is more complex than ________ other animal instinct. 
Câu 5/40 It is the first time that the Princess of Wales has been to the United States, ________? 
Câu 6/40 Because she was feeling unwell, ________ to miss the examination.
Câu 7/40 The city council is empowered not only to enact new laws, ________ select a new mayor between elections should the need arise. 
Câu 8/40 ________, which is the highest in the range, appears challenging. 
Câu 9/40 Pioneer men and women endured terrible hardships, and ________ 
Câu 10/40 Each mediocre book we read means one less great book that we would otherwise have a chance ________.
Câu 11/40 The two main ________ are permanent magnets and electromagnets.
Câu 12/40 The first transistor was basically a small chip made of germanium onto one surface of which two pointed wire contacts ________ side by side.
Câu 13/40 I understand that the governor is considering a new proposal ________ 
Câu 14/40 Although exact statistics vary because of political changes, ________ separate nation states are included in the official lists at any one time.
Câu 15/40 The Virginia strawberry, native to eastern North America, was used in pre-colonial times ________.
Câu 16/40 On the slope of Long's Peak in Colorado ________ the ruin of a gigantic tree.
Câu 17/40 If more than five thousand dollars in monetary instruments is transported into the United States, a report needs ________ with the customs office.
Câu 18/40 The incidence of anorexia nervosa, ________, is growing in industrially advanced societies.
Câu 19/40 Copper tubing is the preferred choice of plumbers ________ noncorrosive. 
Câu 20/40 If Americans ate fewer foods with sugar and salt, their general health ________ better. 
Câu 21/40 The total production of bushels of corn in the United States is ________ all other cereal crops combined. 
Câu 22/40 Within an area of only 100 miles, Death Valley sinks to 282 feet below sea level while Mount Whitney ________ to a height of 14,494 feet. 
Câu 23/40 The attorney told his client that ________.
Câu 24/40 After ________ in his application form, he went to pay the membership fee. 
Câu 25/40 Employers often require that candidates have not only a degree in engineering ________.
Câu 26/40 In medieval times ________ his enemy to fight by throwing down his gauntlet. 
Câu 27/40 A good team ________ of both recruiting and coaching as well as performing.
Câu 28/40 Although it is difficult ________ , a frog is more likely to be smooth and wet, and a toad rough and dry. 
Câu 29/40 This part of the country seldom ________ such hot weather. 
Câu 30/40 ________, Cart Sandburg is also well known for his multivolume biography of Lincoln.
Câu 31/40 In ________, the advent of the telephone, radio, and telegraph has made rapid long-distance communication possible. 
Câu 32/40 Only when it rains for many days ________. 
Câu 33/40 Cupid, one of the ancient Roman gods, ________. 
Câu 34/40 Having been served lunch, ________. 
Câu 35/40 Antarctica is larger ________, but it has no native human population. 
Câu 36/40 Culture influences the way ________. 
Câu 37/40 The janitor refused to unlock the classroom door because he ________ busy. 
Câu 38/40 Some retirement communities will not sell property to new residents unless they are about ________ the rest of the residents. 
Câu 39/40 It has been estimated that ________ one hundred thousand men participated in the gold rush of 1898.
Câu 40/40 Studs Turkel has used what he learned ________ to produce taped oral histories of people and events. 
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